Winners & Results

Metropolitan Handicap winners are usually very talented stayers. They come from a wide range of racing backgrounds, often from all over the world. Metropolitan Handicap winners leave everything they have on the turf, because that’s what it takes to beat a field full of stars. Metropolitan Handicap results have had a strong impact on punters’ understanding of form over the years. Due to the considerable number of international horses that appear in modern Metropolitan results, the race has come to be known as a good form indicator for foreign raiders, who punters otherwise might not have much knowledge of.

Keeping an eye on the Metropolitan Handicap results ensures you’ll have some idea of the form of the field going into the remainder of the Spring Racing Carnival. Besides the Metropolitan results, the other major Group 1 races on the day, the Epsom Handicap and Flight Stakes, also provide great insight into the form of top class horses as the Melbourne Spring Carnival approaches.

In the past, those horses who worked well enough to get their name into the Metropolitan Handicap results have gone on to successfully compete in events such as the Group 1 Spring Champion Stakes (2000m) at the same racecourse a week later, or the listed City Tattersall’s Club Cup (2400m) a fortnight later.

Notable Metropolitan Handicap winners include Kennaquhair (1918), Delta (1951), Ming Dynasty (1978) and Glencadam Gold (2012).

As soon as the 2017 Metropolitan Handicap winner is decided, it will be published here.

The Metropolitan Handicap results and winners since 1930 are listed below.

The Metropolitan Handicap Results

2017 Foundry Michael Dee Big Duke Chocante 2:27.73
2016 Sir John Hawkwood Blake Spriggs Antonio Giuseppe Allergic 2:27.42
2015 Magic Hurricane (IRE) J. McDonald Beaten Up (GB) Havana Cooler (IRE) 2:28.52
2014 Junoob (GB) B. Shinn Opinion (IRE) Araldo (GB) 2:26.51
2013 Seville (GER) H. Bowman Julienas (IRE) Sneak A Peek (ITY) 2.32.07
2012 Glencadam Gold (IRE) T. Berry Kelinni (IRE) Reuben Percival (NZ) 2.29.71
2011 The Verminator C. Newitt Hawk Island (IRE) Lamasery 2.33.46
2010 Herculian Prince (NZ) N. Rawiller Mourayan (IRE) No Wine No Song 2.29.95
2009 Speed Gifted (GB) C. Brown Lodge the Deeds Fiumicino (NZ) 2.35.18
2008 Newport P. Wells Bianca (NZ) Get Up Jude 2.33.06
2007 Race Not Run
2006 Tawqeet (USA) D. Dunn Activation (NZ) Vanquished 2.31.10
2005 Railings D. Beadman Run Rita Run Men At Work (NZ) 2.28.49
2004 County Tyrone C. Brown Itemise (USA) Don Raphael 2.33.62
2003 Bedouin G. Boss Daneborogh Bodie (NZ) 2.34.41
2002 Victory Smile (NZ) D. Beasley Piachay (NZ) Dress Circle (NZ) 2.31.30
2001 Dress Circle (NZ) L. Beasley Danyon Homewrecker (NZ) 2.29.38
2000 Coco Cobanna (NZ) C. Munce Pasta Express Citra’s Prince (NZ) 2.44.33
1999 Vita Man (NZ) B. York Able Master (NZ) Ask The Waiter 2.48.41
1998 In Joyment (NZ) L.Cassidy Doriemus (NZ) Joss Sticks 2.45.71
1997 Heart Ruler (NZ) J. Cassidy Linesman (NZ) Court Of Honour (IRE) 2.41.55
1996 Hula Flight (NZ) C. Munce Nothin’ Leica Dane Saintly 2.44.38
1995 Electronic (NZ) G. Boss The Phantom Chance (NZ) Stony Bay (NZ) 2.42.54
1994 Glastonbury (NZ) G. Cooksley Oompala (NZ) Irish Rort 2.41.64
1993 Zamination (NZ) J. Cassidy Azzaam (USA) Salcantay (NZ) 2.49.0
1992 Te Akau Nick (NZ) L. Dittman Sir Winston (NZ) Beachside (NZ) 2.44.1
1991 Lord Revenir (NZ) G. Cooksley Maharajah (NZ) Magnolia Hall (NZ) 2.41.1
1990 Donegal Mist (NZ) G. Cooksley I’m In Heaven (NZ) Princeville 2.44.0
1989 Hunter (NZ) J. Cassidy Sea Legend (NZ) Coshking (NZ) 2.42.8
1988 Natski (Ire) L. Dittman Zamakima (NZ) Copatonic (NZ) 2.41.8
1987 Balciano (NZ) P. Cook Kensei (NZ) The Brotherhood 2.40.8
1986 Born To Be Queen R. Quinton Indian Raj Rising Fear 2.42.2
1985 Spritely Native J. Cassidy Foxseal (NZ) Mr. Mako (NZ) 2.44.2
1984 Hayai (NZ) R. Quinton Our Compromise Foxseal (NZ) 2.43.0
1983 Hayai (NZ) N. Voigt Chiamare Noble Heights (NZ) 2.27.8
1982 Nicholas John P. Cook Lancelotto (NZ) Wellington Road (NZ) 2.42.5
1981 Belmura Lad (NZ) L. Olsen Peninsula El Laurena 2.42.3
1980 Brindisi R. Selkrig Sovita (NZ) Sutimie (NZ) 2.42.0
1979 Earthquake McGoon G. Willetts Red Nose (NZ) Salamander 2.42.0
1978 Ming Dynasty K. Langby Arwon (NZ) Popular Demand 2.45.2
1977 Sir Serene P. Cook Grey Affair Clear Day 2.41.1
1976 Battle Heights (NZ) R. Lang Participator Gold And Black 2.46.9
1975 Bon Teint K. Langby Calypso Leica Lover 2.43.7
1974 Passetreul R. Higgins Frozen Section High Sail (NZ) 2.43.3
1973 Analie K. Langby Campanello Gold Skin 2.42.7
1972 Altai Khan R. Mallyon Mixed Grill Passetreul 2.46.3
1971 Oncidon K. Langby Tails Lincoln’s Inn 2.43.1
1970 Tails H. Cope Charlemagne Gallicus 2.45.0
1969 Tails N. Voigt Cachondeo Raad 2.45.4
1968 Wiedersehen S. Spinks Broadway Boy No Advice 2.42.8
1967 General Command G. Podmore Del Charro Auto Filou 2.41.2
1966 Duo G. Podmore Trevors Tea Biscuit 2.45.7
1965 Striking Force K. Langby Valuate (NZ) Carnival 2.41.8
1964 Piper’s Son D. Lake River Seine Striking Force 2.44.8
1963 Galerus A. Mulley River Seine Maidenhead 2.41.9
1962 The Dip W.A. Smith Corsair River Seine 2.42.7
1961 Waipari T. Hill Gemstone Valerius 2.42.5
1960 Red Wind H. Cope Waipari Sparkler (NZ) 2.46.3
1959 Macdougal R. Hutchinson Royal Jester Foxmara 2.45.8
1958 Monte Carlo N. Sellwood Caranna Sailor Gay 2.42.5
1957 Straight Draw N. McGrowdie Gallant Lee Book Link 2.43.5
1956 Redcraze (NZ) A. Ward Evening Peal Dalstar (NZ) 2.42.7
1955 Beaupa G. Podmore Toparoa (NZ) Electro 2.43.8
1954 Commodore (NZ) S. Cassidy Master Proven Advocate 2.42.25
1953 Carioca W. Cook Hydrogen Earldom (NZ) 2.43.5
1952 Dalray K. Nuttall Jan Britavah 3.02.5
1951 Delta N. Sellwood Skystreamer Aristocrat 2.44.5
1950 Conductor A. Thompson Indian Chief Saville Row 2.48.75
1949 Count Cyrano W. Cook Sir Falcon Benvolo 2.49.0
1948 Buonarroti Boy E. Doon Karachi Kerry Lad 2.46.75
1947 Murray Stream J. Eaves Sweet Chime Open Air 2.45.75
1946 Cordale G. Moore Chaytor Good Idea 2.44.0
1945 Murray Stream N. McGrowdie Beau Monde Russia 2.45.5
1944 Nightbeam N. McGrowdie Flight Kiaree 2.43.5
1943 Main Topic E. Bartle Moorland Eureka 2.41.5
1942 Grand Fils E.T. Ross Goose Boy Angus 2.45.5
1941 Dashing Cavalier F. Shean Lucrative Triggerman 2.41.5
1940 Beau Vite E. McMenamin Reading Pantler 2.42.0
1939 Feminist W. Cook Fearless Pantler 2.48.75
1938 Royal Chief (NZ) E. Bartle Buzalong Cooranga 2.42.75
1937 Sir Regent J. O’Sullivan Silver Standard Vaalmore 2.45.75
1936 Young Crusader J. Duncan Silver Standard Lough Neagh 2.43.25
1935 Oro J. Pratt High Cross Contact 2.46.25
1934 Waikare J. Pratt Journal Nightly 2.49.75
1933 Regal Son J. O’Sullivan Topical Oro 2.54.5
1932 Denis Boy M. McCarten Rogilla Lough Neagh 2.44.75
1931 Strength E. Bartle Concentrate *Carry On / Spearman 2.45.5
1930 Cragford A. Breasley In The Shade Jeypore 2.43.0